We are Gezi Solidarity Netherlands

Last year we had a great time in the first Gezi Festival in Rotterdam where we both commemorated and celebrated the anniversary of the Gezi resistance.
This year we want to make it happen again, so: Share it, join it, be a part, make it big, make it real!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Towards the end of May of 2013, a resistance began in Istanbul Gezi Park and spread across entire Turkey during the month of June. This resistance was that of the people rising up against governmental oppression. Those of us, living in the Netherlands, have shown our solidarity with the millions living in Turkey and have also organised protests in the Netherlands from the first day of the resistance. Following the resistance, we have regularly come together in forums, under the umbrella of Gezi Solidarity Netherlands, where we have debated issues related to, not only Turkey, but also to the Netherlands as well as global issues and have our reactio…ns to these issues through various activities and protests.

Where, when?

Last year we prepared a festival in the anniversary of the Gezi resistance in June, and with this festival we managed to bring the spirit of Gezi to the Netherlands, in a symbolic way. Again with the same spirit of solidarity and colloboration with our volunteers we would like to come together again for the celebrating and commemorating the 2nd year anniversary of Gezi. As we said last year: As an awareness and a reminder nailed to our mind, to our consciousness, to our passion, to our muscles and joints, and to our ways of perception; saying “Taksim everywhere, resistance everywhere”, we are going to meet again with all of our colors and voices.

Gezi Festival 2015 will be in Bergsebos – Rottebandreef 8, Lansingerland, Rotterdam on 4th of July.

How can I support this festival?

  • Bringing food and drinks to Gezi kitchen and becoming part of our shared ‘world buffet’.
  • You may support us financially as a sponsor.
  • Loaning all manner of technical material that can be of use to us.
  • Organising any of the voluntary activities and adding your contribution.
  • Any support from and collaboration with you is of great value to us. We look forward to your participation and contribution to our festival.

    Donations: NL57INGB0006449882 Stichting 7continenten

Event hours?

Festival hours are 12:00 to 23:00.

Is it safe for the children?

Yes, your children are welcome too. There’re plenty of attractions for the children. Playground, kite, clown…

How much?

The festival is free of charge. Selling items or services is not allowed within the festival area.

Getting here


Please point your GPS to “Vliegenzwamplaats, 2661 Bergschenhoek”. Festival area is only 400m away. Check the map above.

Lansingerveld, situated at Honingzwampad, just above parking place/ parking lot “vliegenzwamplaats” and bordering Rottebanddreef in Bergschenhoek. This event area is located at “Recreatieschap Rottemeren”.

Public transportation


The closest station to the festival area is Rotterdam Alexander. You can take the bus 35 from there (direction Melanchthonweg Metro) and step out at Selma Lagerlofweg stop. It’s approximately 25 min walk from that point.



Alternatively you can hire a bicycle (OV-Fiets). It’s a 15 minute bicycle ride from the station Rotterdam Alexander. You just need to follow the Rottebandreef until you see the parking lot. Vliegenzwamplaats on your left. From there you can turn left, bike upwards to the festival area. There will be arrows pointing towards the festival along the road!

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